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    • What is Negative Space?

    • What are the words in the art?

    • Do you take commissions?

    • Shipping and Operations

    • How long does it take to make?

    • Do you have any other products besides prints?

    • Can you ship the posters already packed in a frame?

    • Why are only some of the posters sold individually?

    What is Negative Space? top

    In visual art terms, negative space refers to the area that is around and "in between" the subject of an image. As the name of the company, it simply means the exploration and taking an intentionally unique perspective on things. For instance, the word art is intended to be two things at the same time, words and an image depending on how close or away you happen to be viewing it.

    What are the words in the art? top

    The words in the art are all dialogue and/or lyrics spoken or sung by the characters the words create, or to a situation or event in the story. At first the goal was to create the entire image with just the words, but eventually it was realized that some visual aids-particularly in the background for mood or tone-could add to the overall effect while being mostly created out of words. Warning: some dialogue may contain spoilers, however.

    Do you take commissions? top

    Yes and no. The amount of time to gather up the surrounding dialogue to create each image can take a varying amount of time to complete. Already having a backlog of things to create, research, and put into priority makes it difficult to take extra time to make something I may not feel any if all connection to. Very nearly all of the creations on this site mean a great deal to me outside of my versions of them, and I intend to be as inclusive as possible(really, one House poster is easier than eight) in the word content and that would require watching television episodes and/or films just to attain the words to create a piece. Also, not all things can be easily made, or made at all even if I tried to create typography out of it; it may just not resemble the character/thing you loved so much and I would have lost time making something no one is happy with. The "yes" part to the question comes when there is an overwhelming response from an unavoidable subject, yet even then would be up to discretion.

    Shipping and Operations top

    Shipping is included in all the prices. I personally find it mildly annoying when shopping online and then getting to the shipping options to weigh how much I love the product and how much I am willing to part to get it faster(or not). All shipments will be shipped in priority settings (2-3 days). If you must have it sooner for whatever reason, there is a possibility to add a small fee over to Paypal. In the case of multiple parts to an order, you shall have the option and ability in the comments to notify if you would like all your orders shipped in one outing or as soon as they become available.

    However, this is a very small operation and I am not open 24/7 to print and ship things constantly throughout the day. Rest assured all orders will be immediately notified when the orders are received and will notify the consumer when it has been shipped with tracking information(if applicable). All shipping and handling be done in as timely and proficient manner as I can manage.

    How long does it take to make? top

    The answer varies greatly, depending on the size of the piece and the final attributes(color, background, font choice, etc.) The process is fairly simple but time-consuming: discover or rediscover something that catches my attention; ponder and decide on what to create from the words and what size to make it in, collect the quotes/lyrics involved, create the outline or silhouette, put the words into place and erase the outlines, and then it's complete!

    But for specifics and to answer the question: the button sized pieces could take roughly half an hour and take the least amount of time and the most I've taken on one is roughly thirty-five hours.

    Do you have any other products besides prints? top

    That is a question that has been under construction. At the time, there are stickers in the process of being made, and eventually the hopes of mugs, coasters, jigsaw puzzles, smart phone casing, headphones, puzzle cubes, and magnets utilizing word art. There are custom created dice that do contain verbiage, if that is your preference. However, the focus will always remain with posters and with word-based art.

    Can you ship the posters already packed in a frame? top

    That is also a possibility pending costs and what options I can find that is most reasonable for myself and to charge. The price could be significantly more than the simple price of the mailing tube, and would need to account for insurance as well. On the creative end of that question, I am looking into ways to customize frames to either play music related to the artwork or a randomizer that would operate either through a button or motion detection.

    Why are only some of the posters sold individually? top

    The price of the posters is meant to be geared towards the most popular of the sets. However, the sets are priced at a significant discount than if they were to be sold at wholesale price, and as always with the shipping and tax included in the asking price.
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